Fitz Army / Metal Mulisha FMX Demo @ Roots Temecula, CA

Fitz Army Metal Mulisha FMX Demo @ Roots in Temecula, CA

Had a blast taking the kids out to the Fitz Army FMX demo @ Roots in Temecula, CA. This was a first time for my kids to see FMX up close and personal like this and they loved it! The tricks these days are extremely extended and well performed, proud of talent like this coming out of my home town. Keep up the good work boys! Enjoy the photos.



Las Vegas Red Bull Air Race – Oct 11 2014

Had a blast this weekend in Vegas for the Red Bull Air Race. Only got a few photos, but over all was a blast.

How to open Apple SuperDrive in vmware

If you have ever used the Apple SuperDrive and always opened it with the Mac side while VMWare was open, you’d notice a dialog box that shows up asking if you would like to open it on Mac or PC. For the most part I used this for DVD’s and only ran it on my Mac side so in the dialog box I chose “Always open with” and selected my Mac. Well the other day I found my old Adobe Master Collection DVD’s (Windows version) and wanted to load them up, but realized that I had made my choice for how to open a DVD. If you’ve found yourself in the same position, or wanted to run the SuperDrive on you VMWare Win. have no fear, there is a simple fix.

1) Plug in the SuperDrive and insert a DVD.

2) With VMWare open, goto Virtual Machine -> Settings. In the dialog box select CD/DVD (IDE). There is an option to enable, or disable the CD/DVD drive.

3) Enable the CD/DVD drive and select the appropriate drive from the drop down.

And thats pretty much it, hope this helps anyone else out there.

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